Providing electricity market, transmission system planning, and project development consulting services to renewable energy developers, owners, operators, and advocates in New England

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Boreas Renewables, LLC provides a broad range of services related to renewable energy project development and operations in New England. Areas of focus include:

- ISO-NE interconnection process
- Forward Capacity Market
- New generator registration and requirements
- Variable energy resource integration
- Tracking of changes to the wholesale electricity markets
- Representation within the NEPOOL stakeholder process
- Regional transmission system planning review and advocacy
- Power Purchase Agreement negotiations support related to wholesale electricity market issues

Boreas Renewables can assist any renewable energy project in New England that wishes to connect to the grid and participate in the New England wholesale electricity markets. Boreas has an in-depth knowledge of the interconnection process and can assist developers with navigating their way efficiently and effectively through the various studies and requirements to come to an interconnection agreement. Boreas has worked with over 1,000 MW of renewable energy projects in all six New England states at various stages of the interconnection process. Boreas also has expertise in qualifying new projects for the New England Forward Capacity Market and participating in the capacity auctions on behalf of those projects.

With renewable energy installations becoming more common and producing increasing amounts of the electricity needs of New England, the regional wholesale electricity markets must evolve in order to truly integrate this energy. Large changes, changes that will determine how renewable energy is able to participate, are in the process of being made in the electricity market and Forward Capacity Market designs. It is important that renewable energy makes its voice heard in this process, though the truth is that it rarely does. The large time commitment that is required to be actively involved in the ISO-NE and NEPOOL stakeholder processes is daunting for the majority of renewable energy parties in New England. Boreas Renewables provides that voice for many of its clients and has started to shift the conversations around how renewables should participate in the markets.

Boreas has experience in most aspects of the wind energy development process including site selection, resource assessment, project layout, equipment selection, coordinating between the various design and environmental consultants involved with a project, power purchase agreements, and general management of the technical issues involved with planning a successful wind project. This experience allows us to be strong advocates for our clients in the electricity markets and system planning process, as we understand the needs of and challenges facing their projects.

From development idea conception through project operation, Boreas works with clients who prefer to outsource these capabilities on an ongoing basis as well as those who are looking for task-specific help as needed.




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